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Products Page

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Think of products as your product pricebook. Learn more about a Salesbrick product object and how to configure them [here - Coming Soon].

Pricing Page

Products --> Select a product --> Pricing page

Once your bricks, products, and plans are configured you can build out your pricing page tailored for self-service customers. Learn more about configuring the pricing page [here - Coming Soon].

Pricing Page (Customer View)

Pricing page --> Copy the URL --> Paste the URL into a new browser tab

You can leverage our entire pricing page or leverage our magic links to power the user experience you've built. Take me to my Magic Links page.


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Your bricks represent line-item SKUs or add-ons you offer in your plan. Check out more on bricks here.

Connect to your Stripe Account

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Connecting to Stripe only takes a few minutes and is a great option to allows your customers to pay you quickly and easily with a credit card or by bank through ACH.

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