Salesbricks overview and value proposition

Salesbricks is the Shopify for B2B SaaS companies. Whether you are the founder of a new company or part of a larger organization, Salesbricks facilitates:

  • Building the sales infrastructure to power SaaS transactions for your organization.
  • Automating administrative processes around pricing, quoting, billing, and invoicing.
  • Setting guardrails for your sales teams, ensuring best practices are followed.
  • Ensuring consistency across all your deals including contract management.
  • Making the purchase experience magical for your team and customers alike.
  • Managing entitlements for the features your customers have purchased.

The above points are all good and dandy, but most importantly, Salesbricks establishes the foundation for your SaaS transactions allowing push-button access to mission-critical data in the event of an IPO, acquisition, or other exit event. Data that otherwise is locked away in PDFs and spreadsheets.

This article was brought to you by Jordan Davis, a renowned mason at Salesbricks.

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What’s Next

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