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Pricing Page

Use the pricing page to expose your product pricing directly to your customers and allow them to self-checkout.


Once you've created your bricks, added them to plans within a product you're ready to set up your pricing page.

  1. Navigate to: Products --> Click on your desired product--> Pricing Page
  2. Click the edit icon to edit the pricing page details.
  3. Ensure your logo, product definition, and summary match what you would like displayed on your pricing page.
  4. Click Edit pricing page
  5. Select the plans you would like display on your page through the dropdown and click Add another plan if you want to add multiple plans to your page.
  1. Add features, a description (optional) and check the box for each plan where that feature is available.
  2. Add FAQs if desired
  3. When ready, click Preview and ensure everything appears as desired.
  1. Click Complete

The URL can then be embedded into your company's website allowing your customers to view pricing, select a plan, and checkout.

If you would like to use your own pricing page and have Salesbricks power the checkout after a button is clicked you'll want to us our Magic Links instead of the pricing page. See more on Magic Links here.

This article was brought to you by Jordan Davis, a renowned mason at Salesbricks.

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