Creating a Product

What is a Product?

A product can be thought of as your company's product price book. Within the product, you will create plans and within those plans, bricks can be added. Building within the product structure allows for versioning and flexibility as you roll out new pricing structures and deprecate old ones.

Creating a Product

  1. Navigate to Products and select the + New Product button.
  1. Edit the product details, input your logo, primary color, and enter the input the product fields. Note that product details will not be visible to your customers.

Standard order confirmation page example:

  1. Click Create or Update to save your changes.
  2. Once you've added and published your plan(s) (see Creating a Plan) within your Product you'll be ready to Activate it. You can easily do this by clicking the Activate button. This will make your product live for the world (or at least your team and customers).

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