Okta private integration guide

How to set up a private Okta integration with Salesbricks

Supported features

  • Single Sign-On (OpenID Connect, IdP-initiated only)
  • Automatically creates user accounts in Salesbricks when Single Sign-On is initiated by a member of an organization with an active Okta integration


The following steps ensure that your users can login to Salesbricks with Okta:

  1. Set up the Salesbricks application in Okta manually.
  2. Gather information from Okta.
  3. Send the information to Salesbricks.


  1. Sign up for a seller account on Salesbricks (the Okta Single Sign-On integration is only available to Salesbricks users as a paid feature)
  2. Verify that the email addresses of your existing Salesbricks users match their Okta accounts exactly

Configuration procedure

Set up the Salesbricks application in Okta manually

  1. Log in to your Okta Admin dashboard.
  2. Click Applications > Applications from the left navigation tree.
  3. Click “Create App Integration.”
  4. In the “Create a new app integration” dialog, select “OIDC - OpenID Connect” as the Sign-in method, and “Web Application” as the Application type.
  5. Click "Next."

You will be directed to a page titled “New Web App Integration.”

  1. For the “App integration name,” enter Salesbricks
  2. For the “Sign-in redirect URI,” enter https://api.salesbricks.com/sso/okta/callback
  3. For the “Sign-out redirect URI,” delete the default value so that the field is blank.
  4. For “Assignments,” determine your company’s level of controlled access and immediate access (Note: Federation Broker Mode would disable your Okta End User Dashboard, so we would want to keep immediate access disabled).
  5. Click “Save.”

You will be directed to the config settings page for your Salesbricks app integration.

  1. Under the “General Settings,” click “Edit.”
  2. Update “Login initiated by” to Either Okta or App.
  3. For “Application visibility,” check the box for Display application icon to users. This will make the Salesbricks application icon visible in the end user dashboard.
  4. For “Initiate login URI,” enter the Salesbricks Okta login URL (https://api.salesbricks.com/sso/okta/login?client_id=) followed by your client ID at the top of the Settings page. It should look like: https://api.salesbricks.com/sso/okta/login?client_id=0ob8xfou2vZPZCbDk5d7
  5. Click “Save.”

After installing the application, you will need to obtain some information to send to Salesbricks.

Gather information from Okta

  1. In the Okta admin page, go to Applications > Applications.
  2. Click on the Salesbricks application.
  3. Under the “General” tab, copy the values for Client ID and Client secret (click the eye button to toggle the visibility)
  4. Under the user dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page, copy your Okta organization’s issuer URL (e.g. salesbricks.okta.com; usually located under the admin’s email address).

Send the information to Salesbricks

Once you have all the required information (summarized below), email them to
[email protected].

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Issuer URL

Salesbricks Integration Support will handle your request and follow up with you once the integration is configured.


If you have any questions or issues with setting up your integration, please contact [email protected].