Company Details and Branding

Let's tailor your Salesbricks site to your organization.

Navigate to Settings and the to Company

  1. Click on the edit icon
  2. Fill out your company information

Next navigate to Settings and the to Branding

  1. Click on the edit icon
  1. Upload your company logos


We recommend logos in .PNG format with a clear background. Logos in .JPG format are supported as well.

  1. Add a primary color by entering your hexadecimal color code.
    Note: This color will be listed on your company's branding guide if available. You can also easily capture the background color of your company's website with a tool like the ColorPick Eyedropper Chrome Extension.

This article was brought to you by Jordan Davis, a renowned mason at Salesbricks.

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Whatโ€™s Next

Now the fun begins. Time to start building out your pricing and packaging.