Creating custom orders

Creating custom orders is really easy on salesbricks

Step 1: Select Orders on the top navigation bar and press + New order


Step 2: Select the product you want to to quote and select the plan and add-ons you wish to include
You will notice the cost table on the top right automatically render the products and price.


Step 3: You may choose to modify terms by adding terms that override the standard terms set in the settings tab. All future transactions between you (the vendor) and the customers will reference these terms. The custom terms can be modified at a later date as you renew, upsell, or upgrade the customers plans.


Step 4: Decide if you want to lock the order or unlock it. Here are some reasons to choose one or the other

Lock You've come to a final agreement on products, quantities, and start date.
Unlock You are early and are still collaborating with a customer on what to add on the order. The customer might want to take the order back to his/her team to agree on what to purchase.

You may choose to lock or unlock it at a later time.


*Locked order:


Unlocked order:


Step 4: Review Order Forms (for customers who cannot transact via a credit card). Select the Paper icon on the top


Preview the order form. (Note: The order form will only be sent to the customer after they select the order form checkout and press purchase.


Step 5: Share the order URL with the customer or embed it into a proposal deck


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