Products, Plans and Bricks Overview

What is a Product

How to build a product

A product can be thought of as a product pricebook. Within the product, you will create plans and within those plans, bricks can be added. Products can be activated or de-activated as they are phased in or out of use by your team. Active products are selected under the product dropdown within the order builder by your sales team as they create orders.

What is a Plan

How to build a plan

A plan is a specific offering of your software and/or services at a certain price point. Plans can include no bricks (where pricing is set for the entire plan), a single brick, or many bricks in a bundle. Each plan variation can be are targeted toward a segment of your customers. As your customers develop additional depth with your products or require additional features, it's extremely easy to upsell them to a higher plan within Salesbricks.

What is a Brick

How to mold a brick

A brick is the lowest level data object within your SaaS transaction where pricing is assigned and represents the items that you are interested in keeping track of in your SaaS inventory.

The diagram below outlines the relationship between products, plans, and bricks. Note that a brick can belong to one or more plans within a product with individual pricing for each.

Creating Product and Plans

For detail about creating Products / Plans and Add-ons see this page - updates coming soon.

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