Adding Team Members

Who should be added to Salesbricks?

As you configure and rollout Salesbricks within your organization you will need to add a variety of different individuals, usually in the order below:

  • Product Marketing - Responsible for configuring your company's logo, branding, and marketing copy.
  • Pricing and Packaging Expert - This individual or team will build your bricks, plans, and products that make up your pricing and packaging.
  • Legal - Will ensure that all legal documents such as Master Services Agreements (MSA) and Terms and Conditions are up to date and ready for use.
  • Finance - Configure the connection to finance systems like Stripe and help implement the flow of any revenue schedules pushed from Salesbricks to your CRM or accounting systems. They will also handle sales tax.
  • IT and CRM Admins - Facilitate connecting to your CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot.
  • Sales - After your sales team is trained they will be building orders within Salesbricks, communicating with your customers, and closing deals 🤑!

Adding a Team Member

  1. Navigate to Setting --> Team and click the + New team member button
  1. Fill our the team member details

Click Save

Your team member will receive an email to activate their account and create a password.