Creating Discounts

Creating discounts is really easy with salesbricks

Step 1: Select Discounts and press + New code


Step 2: Fill in the details for your discount

Note: There are 2 types of discounts to offer. Sellers can select one or both discount types. The total sum of the discounts must be less than or equal to the discount threshold defined for the sales rep.

Sales discounts are discounts that recur and or is the starting discount % for any future renewals or upsells.

One-time discounts are discounts that do no recur and are only applicable to the first month of a month to month contract or the first year of an annual or multi-year contract.

We provide additional guard rails for discounting such as deal minimum spend and expiration date.


Step 3: Add a discount code to an order. Select an order you wish to discount and in "Add an attribution code (Optional), select the discount you wish to add to the order.


For additional help please contact [email protected]